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Viezu are the world’s leading fuel economy tuning experts, we are often copied, and you may see many tuners claiming to have their own version of our unique TM protected BlueOptimize fuel economy software, but whilst their version may sound the same, the difference is in the results. BlueOptimize Fuel economy remap software and car fuel saving tuning is completely unique to Viezu. The diesel engine tuning and car fuel savings that Viezu achieve are the results of many hundreds of hours of R&D in the specific study of Vehicle diesel engine fuel economy tuning.


The fuel saving and economy tuning results are all available for inspection, we have many case studies where we have developed fuel saving solutions for specific car, vans and commercial vehicles, we will be happy to share these with you and show you the results first hand. No other car tuning and remap software company can offer you fuel economy and fuel saving tuning like this.


Viezu’s BlueOptmize fuel economy and car fuel saving tuning has been internationally recognised as world class leading technology and has won Viezu a number of very prestigious awards, including the UK Chamber of Commerce “Innovation In Technology” award for 2011. And FleetNews Cost saving initiative of the Year 2013 for our Fuel economy tuning and Van fuel economy services provided to British Telecom. As well as the Queens Award for Enterprise and innovation.



The Viezu fuel economy tuning services have been tested independently at Millbrook proving ground, whilst other tuners may talk a talk, Viezu is  used by the largest and leading fleet companies in Europe every day, we will be happy to show you our portfolio of our customers – it pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves, it includes customers Like British Telecom, HomeServe, Thames Water and many other household names – we are chosen by the biggest and best – more than any other tuner in the world.


Ten Good Reasons To BlueOptimize Your Vehicle – often copied, never reproduced!

1 Up to 20% savings on cost of fuel – case studies available

2 Up to 20% reduction in emissions – testing results available

3 Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value – over 150,000 vehicles tuned

4 No mechanical modifications

5 Minimal downtime for busy vehicles – installation in less than 1 hour

6 One-off installation fee – international coverage

7 Possible return on investment within 6 months or less

8 No on-going maintenance fees – only fuel save monitoring

9 Reset vehicle to standard at any time

10 Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving with a 30 day trial


All fuel economy tuning and Fuel saving services are developed in-house on Viezu’s 3000bhp rolling road and at their Euro 5 emission certified research and development centre, no other tuning company carries out research and development into the science of fuel economy remap fuel economy remap tuning software, and guarantees their results like Viezu – come and put us to the test all our tuning comes with a money back guarantee.


Save fuel and money with Viezu’s BlueOptimize services and products, available for most production cars, 4×4’s, vans and HGV, and commercial vehicles.

Up to 20% improved fuel economy

Improved MPG – Reduced emissions (subject to Vehicle type)

Enhanced sharper throttle response

Smoother more progressive power delivery

Power and Torque improvements

No Impact on Insurance – In most cases, in fact, some insurance companies now discount for Viezu fuel economy tuning.



The Viezu technicians have developed a truly unique and expansive range of tuning and remapping services specifically aimed at delivering the best in fuel economy tuning. Fuel economy tuning really is our specialist subject and the awards we have won, and the independent testing has proved we are the number one supplier. Viezu can deliver significant gains in vehicles fuel efficiency whilst at the same time improve the feel, driveability and performance of the car, van, truck or agricultural vehicle tuned


Vehicle manufacturers all have to limit the power and therefore the fuel economy and mpg of their vehicles, this is done for a number of reasons, different markets, fuel grades, vehicle models ranges, marketing, insurance and affordability. So your vehicle may, in fact, be underperforming from its possible design intent in both power and for fuel economy. Viezu’s BlueOptimize fuel economy tuning can release your vehicles real potential for both fuel economy, (MPG) and we can reduce your emissions and C02 at the same time.


Viezu makes fuel economy tuning very simple, the research and development, testing and proving has already been carried out, we will be happy to show you are data and results for your vehicle, nothing is left to chance.  Using our unique approach and software we can optimise the fuel use and economy of your  vehicle, delivering the optimum fuel economy possible, typical fuel economy gains are between 10-15% (depending on use / load and driver) whilst still providing a nice increase in power, throttle response and driveability.


The biggest benefit you will see of course is the very significant savings in fuel use and vehicle running cost savings from Viezu’s BlueOptimize fuel economy tuning. Once your vehicle is tuned with Viezu’s BlueOptimize fuel economy software the more you drive the more you SAVE!


Always be sure to ask for Viezu BlueOptimize Fuel Economy Tuning – it’s what the expert vehicle operators and large fleet operators insist on and drive every day.

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