ECU remapping for cars and non commercial vehicles

Viezu - the world’s leading economy and performance ECU remapping service

ECU remapping for cars and non commercial vehicles

Whether you are remapping to enhance your car or non commercial vehicle’s performance or to increase your fuel economy, Viezu remapping by Cadnam Garage can help.


Improve your fuel economy with Viezu BlueOptimize™ ECU remapping


To improve your  vehicle’s fuel economy and reduce your carbon footprint, we only recommend Viezu BlueOptimize™ fuel economy remap owing to its unrivalled position as a market leader that’s delivered measurable results.

The best way to appreciate the benefits of ECU remapping for fuel economy is to see real life examples of the benefits other customers have achieved. We have carried out this service for cars, vans and commercial vehicles. For details of the most relevant case studies of results our customers have achieved after a Viezu BlueOptimize™ fuel economy remap, please speak to a member of the team.


Performance tuning using Viezu ECU remapping


If you are interested in ECU remapping, or chipping, to boost the performance of your vehicle, class leading Viezu ECU remapping and chip tuning software enables you to get the best out of your vehicle.

ECU remapping changes the settings of the standard engine management software in order to optimise the performance of your vehicle. It does this by changing how the engine drives the car. If you are keen to boost the performance and responsiveness of your vehicle, ECU remapping is an affordable alternative to more costly engine modifications.

Thanks to our extensive experience of offering Viezu ECU remapping, the engine tuning solutions for diesel and petrol vehicles provided by Cadnam Garage are custom written for each vehicle and owner. This means that, whatever the make and model and whatever upgrades have been fitted, our tuning and remapping service will optimise the performance of your vehicle.


What improvements can you expect to see?


Immediately after your vehicle’s ECU remap has been completed you will notice improved responsiveness and power. To find out more about the benefits of engine tuning and ECU remapping for your vehicle or business fleet of vehicles, speak to a member of the team about real life customer case studies.

We are so confident that ECU remapping and tuning will deliver measurable business benefits for you, that we currently offer a FREE, no obligation trial for qualifying* businesses.

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*T&Cs apply, speak to a member of our team for more details.

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